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Flame Rollout Switch: Your Key to Furnace Safety and Resetting

Title: Understanding Flame Rollout Switch in Gas-Fired Furnaces: Safety and Resetting GuideGas-fired furnaces play an essential role in keeping our homes warm and cozy during the colder months. However, like any heating system, they come with potential safety concerns.

One such safety feature in gas-fired furnaces is the flame rollout switch. In this article, we will demystify the flame rollout switch, understand its purpose, explore common trip conditions, and learn how to reset it safely when necessary.

to Flame Rollout Switch and its Safety

Description and Purpose of Flame Rollout Switch

The flame rollout switch is a critical safety device installed in gas-fired furnaces. Its primary function is to prevent the furnace from releasing excessive heat or flames that could pose a danger to the household.

This small but mighty switch is strategically placed near the burner assembly or heat exchanger.

Conditions Causing Flame Rollout Switch to Trip

Several factors can cause the flame rollout switch to trip, indicating the presence of a potentially hazardous situation. One common reason is a cracked heat exchanger, which can leak carbon monoxide into the surrounding air.

Another culprit is a blocked flue or chimney, preventing proper ventilation and trapping dangerous gases. Additionally, low gas pressure can disrupt the combustion process, triggering the switch.

Resetting the Flame Rollout Switch

Steps to Reset a Flame Rollout Switch

If the flame rollout switch trips, it’s crucial to address the underlying issue and reset it safely. Follow these steps to reset the switch:


Turn Off Power: Safely shut off the furnace by switching off the power supply. This step is crucial to prevent any accidental ignitions during the reset process.

2. Locate the Switch: Depending on the furnace model, the flame rollout switch is typically located near the burner assembly or heat exchanger.

Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for precise instructions. 3.

Press the Reset Button: The flame rollout switch is equipped with a reset button. Press and hold the reset button firmly for around five seconds.

4. Turn Power On: Once the reset button is released, restore power to the furnace.

Monitor the furnace for any signs of abnormal behavior or activating the switch again. 5.

Inspect and Resolve the Issue: A tripped flame rollout switch is a symptom of an underlying problem, such as a cracked heat exchanger or blocked vents. It is crucial to have a professional HVAC technician inspect and address these issues to ensure the ongoing safety and efficiency of your furnace.

When to Contact a Professional HVAC Company

While resetting the flame rollout switch can provide temporary relief, it is crucial to involve a professional HVAC company to troubleshoot and resolve the root cause. Contacting an experienced technician is necessary when:

– The flame rollout switch trips frequently or repeatedly.

– You notice visible damage, such as cracks or gaps in the heat exchanger. – The furnace emits an unusual odor or produces abnormal noises.

– There is a sudden decrease in furnace performance or uneven heating in your home. Remember, attempting to fix complex furnace issues without proper training and expertise can lead to more significant problems or compromise safety.


In this article, we have explored the vital role of the flame rollout switch in ensuring the safety of gas-fired furnaces. Understanding its purpose and recognizing the conditions that can cause it to trip are crucial for maintaining a safe and comfortable environment in our homes.

While we have outlined the steps to reset the flame rollout switch, it is essential to involve a professional HVAC technician to address the underlying issues. By prioritizing safety and regular maintenance, we can enjoy the warmth and comfort of our gas-fired furnaces with peace of mind.

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